luni, 6 mai 2013

I Love you .... But it's to late

happens to find love in strange places and simple, to get along without knowing it. you can find it on the street, unexplored places far away or even be in your face. not love him forever and still not find the end. it's like a maze, you get run without a field, a huge field on which all life and wanders around looking for shelter from the rain. you wanted love, you wanted to find love in far-endless horizons, you were blind, she was always in your palm, the butterfly wings, the harsh wind tattered, and even infinite rainbow colors. love, love can find your soul-armor in the cold, the snowflakes that fall on your face incessantly in the cold winter, to eternity in each moment that passes, and the dreams that you've left behind. If you sat down blue sky love eyelids closed, and weary of sleeping hoping you can dream, wake up, wake up, look in vain for one of your dreams, open your eyes, it's right in your face is right here.....

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